Thursday, June 27, 2013

Take your blitz to the beach, dock, deck or backyard...

You can now take your blitz to the beach, the dock, your deck or your back yard.
Here are 8 ways to get blitzed at home or at the cottage this summer …

1. Radiant skin
Our scrub mitt is perfect for exfoliating dead skin as those dry patches and tiny bumps disappear. Your skin will look silky smooth and ready to slip into a bathing suit. You can use it with our body   wash or add our body scrub for added exfoliation. We like to use two scrub mitts, one on each hand so we can reach all the hard to get to places.

2. Lather up by the dock or beach
Our eco-friendly mint ~ lime body wash is perfect for the beach or lake. We never use sulfates, detergents or artificial perfume that can damage your water supply. It is gentle enough to use as a shampoo. Various botanical extracts work together with pure essential oils to clean and purify while the argan oil moisturizes the body.

3. Revitalize sun damaged skin
Our mint ~ lime body lotion is great to use on hot days. The peppermint cools the body while the argan oil helps to calms and repair sun damaged skin.

4. A cool spritzer
Our balancing face toner can be used as a revitalizing cooling mist on hot days or after exercise. You can even put it in the fridge, then spritz a little on a cotton pad and refresh your face.  It helps remove the sweat and grime while keeping you pores clean and your skin well balanced.

5. Get your glow on 
Light and fresh, our revitalizing face moisturizer is perfect for repairing sun-damaged skin during the summer months. This mega-moisturizing lightweight cream helps fight all signs of aging, hydrates for a youthful glow and improves skin tone and texture.

6. A bake in the sun
Apply our green clay face mask to a clean face, then place cool cucumber
slices on your eyes and relax for 10 minutes in the sun. Remove with a warm cloth and moisturizer. You skin will feel smooth, firm and nourished. Perfect before going out for the evening.

7. Happy feet and toes
Just because the ground is rough and dirty doesn’t mean your feet have to be. At the end of the day, hop in the shower, add some of our body wash to our body blitz scrub mitt and scrub your feet and toes. Our scrub mitt will help remove the dirt from your feet without ruining your pedicure.  Follow with our body lotion then put your feet up and enjoy a cocktail.

8. Help for gardener’s hands
For those of you who like to dig in and get your hands dirty, try using one of our body scrubs. Place a small amount of scrub on your nails and cuticles and scrub with a nailbrush. This will help remove the dirt from your nails as well as moisturize the skin. Follow with our body lotion.

At body blitz we believe the most effective ingredients come from nature. Our ingredients have a maximum effect on your skin and a minimum effect on our environment.

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