Monday, December 1, 2014

Tandoori Salmon with Himalayan Pink Salt

We asked our clients to send in their recipes using one of our sea salts. Here is the winning recipe using our Himalayan Pink Salt ...
Tandoori Salmon with Himalayan Pink Salt
This is a super easy recipe using Himalayan Pink Salt. Mined in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, this salt can make any food flavourful.
·         2 salmon fillets
·         Juice of half lemon
·         ½ cup of natural yoghurt
·         1 thumb ginger (grated)
·         2 cloves garlic (grated)
·         1 tsp ground cumin
·         1 tsp chilli powder or cayenne pepper
·         ½ tsp turmeric
·         ½ tsp garam masala
·         ½ tsp Himalayan Pink Salt

·         Mix all the ingredients except the salmon together
·         Add the salmon to the mixture and place in a ziplock bag
·         Marinade salmon for about 45 minutes
·         Remove salmon from the bag and place on baking sheet
·         Cook in a pre-heated oven at 180'c for 20 mins.
·         Garnish with coriander and serve with naan

Bon Appetit!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Chef Alida Solomon

We sat down with chef Alida Solomon from Tutti Matti and dished about life and food. 

Tell us about cooking with salt.
Salt is a huge part of what we do as chefs. Every dish could technically have its own salt. Fish could use Himalayan sea salt mixed with a little fresh orange and lemon zest and chopped rosemary. The recipe below is a Tutti Matti favourite.

Take raw tuna or a fatty white fish like European bass. You can even use a whole fish.

  • Mix 2 cups of Himalayan sea salt with zest from 2 lemons and 2 oranges, 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped rosemary and 2 egg whites.
  • Beat the egg whites and fold in the salt mixture. 
  • In a nonstick pan, put down half of the salt mixture (will have a clay-like texture), then the fish and bury the fish with the other half of the salt mixture.
  • Bake at 350 for 20 min.
Once it's baked, remove the salt mixture from the fish and serve with good extra virgin olive oil and a glass of Vermentino!

What is your career?  What do you love most about it?
I am chef and restaurateur of Tutti Matti. I love the instant gratification of creating in the kitchen.

How do you stay balanced with life, career, family, friends & health?
My life as a chef will never be balanced as I am currently working on a new location in Italy, but I would never change a thing. My family and friends love the stories and the meals. Being a chef is not a job, it’s a career life style. It’s your everything. We don’t feed, we eat.

Tell us about your first experience with body blitz?
I went to the waters for the first time many years ago at the end of the summer and had the works. I walked out of the treatment room and went to one of the red chairs and stared at the ceiling for, what felt like, an eternity.

How often do you visit the waters?
I used to go once a month on Sundays but now I prefer a Monday when it's not as crazy. 

If you could, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?  5 years ago?  20 years ago?
Know what you want and remember who you are and why you chose this. 
Never lose the passion to live this life.
The moment you feel like it’s too much, take a moment, step back and find the passion again. 
Never stop traveling to learn more about what you do.
Never stop reading and eating.

What’s your favourite indulgence?
Other than eating? lol!  

Early bird or night owl?
Night owl. I give the owls something to talk about.

Three adjectives to describe yourself?
Passionate, intense, crazy.

Who is your role model or mentor.
Female chefs who choose this crazy life. Aspiring women who live their passions.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

With thanks…

Body blitz is thankful for the remarkable women who work for us and are part of the body blitz team. We would like to give a big ‘thank you’ to the amazing women who have been with us since the beginning years. We would not be where we are today without them!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In the waters with Alison Carson

Tell us about your first experience with body blitz?

I first heard about Body Blitz from a friend and we decided to make a day of it. I had been to spas in Europe, in Hungary and Germany, but I wasn't sure what to expect from downtown Toronto. I was really impressed by the layout, the decor, and all the little details that make the environment efficient, clean, and relaxing. 

How often do you visit the waters?
With the summer waters pass I've been trying to come once or twice a week. 

How has your health changed since using the body blitz therapeutic waters?
Overall, this year had a lot of ups and downs. I teach English, dance and drama, and on top of regular teaching and marking, I run our school's yoga club, dance team, Gay-Straight Alliance, and choreographed our school musical, which had 18 dance numbers. I also worked on a film that my wife produced, and had weekly rehearsals with a dance company of my own (PushPULL), which is a fantastic creative outlet, but puts a strain on my body. Unfortunately I sprained my ankle during one of our performances and have been working to build my strength back up. To top it all off, I got married this year, so I was definitely in the market for a new routine that would help me reset and get ready to go back to work in the fall feeling rested and rejuvenated!  

Why do you love being a teacher?
I love being a teacher because my day is always different. Although it has a lot of structure, with bells and time tables, the kids bring so much energy and unpredictability to this job that you really don't know what the day will be like. I find the environment challenging, in the best possible way, and the feedback you get is immediate. I love my subjects (dance, drama and English) and getting to share that with my students is really special. I can't think of another job where I would get to see, on a daily basis, the future taking shape. Seeing students grow, especially if I have taught them through multiple grades, is amazing and you watch it happen right in front of your eyes. They are so vibrant and even though this job keeps me on my toes, can be extremely stressful, and comes home with me each night, I love being plugged into the kind of energy that young people bring to the equation. I feel really lucky that I am constantly learning and getting to share my passion for education with my students. 

What do you learn from your students? 
By definition, I'm supposed to be the expert in my subject, but I think the learning certainly goes both ways. I am constantly gaining new insight from them and am really inspired by the students that I work with. I learn about myself by watching them learn. I think that many adults forget what being a teenager is like. On a surface level, they are always teaching me about new technology, new apps, music and dance styles (the pop culture stuff) - but what I really love is seeing them learn about communicating, building their confidence and finding ways to solve problems. As a teacher, I ask kids to do things, which are second nature to me - public speaking, sharing ideas, resolving conflicts, performing in front of their peers.  I'm constantly asking them to take risks, try new things and be brave. I should be willing to do those same things, so that I don't forget how it feels to be in their shoes. I try to model that process of risk taking and share my own experiences of success and of failure, to show them that taking chances, making mistakes and persevering are part of the process. 

If you could, what advice would you give yourself  20 years ago?
Assume positive intentions, don't take things personally and appreciate the process. You can only control how you react, not other people. I am a sensitive person, so I spent a lot of time when I was younger rehashing things that I couldn't change and worrying. I'm still working to apply the advice of just going with the flow and welcoming what life throws at you. 

Proudest accomplishment?
My proudest accomplishment is not just one moment; it's the accumulation of all the good parts of life - that amount to living well. I can pinpoint certain things that I am proud of, like going to live abroad for a year as a teenager, the scholarships and recognition that I have received academically, or the career I'm building. Mostly, I am proud of my relationships and that I have people in my life who are sweet, generous, funny and who challenge me. My best accomplishment is creating and working hard for a life that feels really authentic. Getting to be yourself and be surrounded by people who value you, as you are, is what brings me the most happiness. It lays the ground work for all the other good things to happen.

Who is your role model or mentor?
My parents are one of my most significant sources of inspiration. They really modeled the kind of dedication, patience and love that go into raising a family. My mother is such a strong, creative, charismatic woman and she has stayed involved in theatre and art throughout my life. She was also a teacher, so I grew up really admiring her talent and leadership; watching her have a career that was so personally rewarding really set the bar for me. It was impossible not to look up to a parent who was so admired by her students. My father is an engineer and although I have less insight into what his career entails, as I got older, he has emerged as the quiet hero in my life. He is a resourceful, intelligent man who always put his family first. He created this amazingly open space for me to grow and develop a voice as a young woman. He welcomed debate and raised me with unconditional love. I was never afraid to take chances because he has supported me every step of the way. Coming out as a teenager was so much easier with parents like them. My brother and I were so lucky and one day I hope to make a home that is as loving and free as theirs was to grow up in.

Friday, August 1, 2014

In the waters with Lorainne Wright

We sat down with long time member of the body blitz community, Lorraine Wright, and asked her a few questions about her body blitz experience and about her life. 

How long have you been part of the body blitz community?
I have been part of the body blitz community for 8 yrs.          

Tell us about your first experience with body blitz?
My first experience with body blitz was one of relief. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I had recently been diagnosed with severe arthritis in the hips and knees and had started walking with a cane.  My friend Fred lived across the street from the first body blitz location and watched it being built. She could hardly wait for it to open. Her membership was # 5. As a child she was the victim of a car accident that left her partially paralyzed and she grew up with a walking challenge. She wasted no time in inviting me on her guest pass to enjoy the water treatments.  A few months later I had both my hips replaced and body blitz was part of my recovery.                                                                                                                                                                    
How often do you visit the waters?
I visit the waters once a week.                                                                    

What is your favourite part of the water circuit and why?
My favorite part of the water treatment is the hot Epson Salt pool because I can feel the pain and stiffness being sucked out of my body ... and my tub at home is not long enough to immerse the whole body.    

How has your health changed since using the body blitz therapeutic waters?
My health since using the water is mostly evident in my mobility.          

What is your best beauty/health secret?
Keep it moving & smile.                      

Top 3 pieces of advice you would give to other women?
- Life is a learning curve.
- Accentuate your positives.
- Have gratitude.                                                  

What’s your favourite indulgence?

What is your career?  What do you love most about it?
My career was teaching and it wasn't until much later that I realized it was a calling! My students taught me so much about myself and now that I am retired, I feel that I am living my best life lived!!!!                                                  

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rub a dub dub ... three ladies in a tub

Actually, it’s three ladies in a really cold tub. Technically, it’s three ladies in the cold plunge pool, one of three therapeutic pools at body blitz, health by water. Quite frankly though, this little urban Arctic soiree between strangers is not going to last long. In fact, sixty seconds to be exact.

The circuit instructions posted indicate I should spend one minute in the cold plunge pool. I will obey this suggested time limit but not one second longer. I flap my arms quickly as I count to sixty. I make sure my neck is submerged because I am told this is good for the thyroid. I have seen ladies linger longer as if they are polar bears and this frigid water is their natural habitat. Others dunk their head. Me? - I flap, count and exit.

I am at body blitz east and tension, stress and the noise-in-my-head begins to slither out of my body. I am teetering on becoming a lethargic blob which is ok because there are comfy lounge chairs along the wall just waiting for mushes like me.

Submerge body in warm Dead Sea salt pool, lie on cedar bench in infrared sauna, shower, sixty seconds in cold plunge pool, laze on lounge chair, drink protein shake, shuffle into aromatherapy steam room, breath deeply, shower, drift into oblivion in hot Epsom salt pool, waddle to lounge chair, drop horizontally, read book, daydream, meditate, power snooze – whatever one's vegetated body and soul fancies.

It’s as simple and glorious as that - madwoman to womb-toasty sloth in under an hour. However, most visitors follow the posted ‘water circuit’ a few times, no doubt feeling a sense of melting as the wicked witch did in the Wizard of Oz…only in this movie-in-your-head, it is a melting of physical and mental stiffness. 

This water circuit alone is perfect for thawing the outside world, healing and rejuvenating the body however I want more. My skin is rough and snakeskin-like, so I have booked a ‘sweet ginger + milk body glow’. Not only do I want to continue my downward spiral into internal tranquility, I want my skin to be smooth and silky.

I lie on the lounge chair by the hot Epsom salt pool as I wait for my spa therapist. Only women are allowed at body blitz and the owner has brilliantly created an environment where woman can feel safe - safe in their vulnerability of body and emotion, no matter their state of dress (or undress) and spirited well-being.

Anne, my spa therapist, walks into the pool area. She greets me with a handshake and immediately puts her hand on my shoulder as she guides me upstairs to the scrub rooms. She tells me to take off my robe, put on the disposable thong and lie face down on the padded scrub table. She leaves the room and returns only when I am settled.

She tells me what to expect during this treatment: she will wash my body before she scrubs me with a sugar, ginger, cardamom and sweet orange scrub. After rinsing with water, she will massage my body with a mixture of warm milk, sweet orange, vanilla and grape seed oil. Another rinse and the finale – grape seed oil infused with sweet orange rhythmically applied to my body.

I suppress my glee as I envision the hour ahead. In fact, I suppress all that is inhibiting me. I simply lie there and allow Anne’s spell to infuse me with her magic potions. I don’t lift a finger or an arm…she moves them gracefully, particularly when she scrubs my underarms, which by the way is totally decadent. The warm water spray hose douses my body between wash and scrub, and again after the warm milk mixture. I feel as if all that is layered on my skin is swirling down the drain. I am scrubbed, kneaded, tickled (my feet are ticklish) and polished.

A sensation of floating into a blissfully drowsy state takes over. It is like I am being lifted into a universe of sweet smelling vanilla, orange and ginger…a place where one can turn off the brain and just be in the moment.

My galaxy experience has come to an end and I could easily have stayed on this scrub table for at least another hour. Anne gently assists me in sitting up, putting my feet into my flip-flops and tying my robe. It occurs to me that in the past hour, I have felt like a young child. I did not have to wash myself, dry myself off with a towel, moisturize, put on my shoes or tie my robe. Anne did all that for me like a parent does for a child.

My experience at body blitz was not that of a typical spa. It is different. It is classy yet comfy. It is not stuffy. It is visionary. It is a European-style health by water spa with a personal spin. It is decadent, yet necessary. It is special.
Beverly Anne 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer at body blitz

During the dog days of summer, the heat, the humidity and the city grime can make you feel listless and lethargic.  Using our therapeutic waters in the summer is a great way to beat the heat and remove sweat and dirt from your skin while staying cool and refreshed.  To make summer blitzing easier, we are now offering a summers water pass that includes unlimited access to the waters during July and August for only $300!  Even if you make it to the spa only once a week, that works out to a little over $33 a visit.

A trip to body blitz helps to...

~ remove pollutants from your skin
~ unclog pores
~ stimulate the blog and lymphatic system
~ cool the body by sweating
~ boost the immune system
~ sweat the extra toxins from patio parties and barbeques
~ make you feel more energized during the hot humid days of summer

And don't forget to rehydrate by drinking lots of water.
Ice cubes not included...