Monday, January 6, 2014

In the waters with Megan Hoskins and Michelle Corbell

We sat down with Megan Hoskins and Michelle Corbell, body blitz members and owners of Moksha Yoga Danforth and asked them a few questions about staying healthy ...

What is your career?  What do you love most about it?
Megan: I am a yoga teacher, student, a Registered Massage Therapist, and the owner and director of Moksha Yoga Danforth. I love that I am a part of someone’s health care routine - Mind/Body/Spirit.
Michelle: Yoga teacher and owner and director at Moksha Yoga Danforth.

How do you keep a balance between practicing yoga and running a business?
Megan: A colour coded scheduling software.
Michelle:  I make time for things that inspire me: travelling, spending time with great friends and self-care which includes regular visits to body blitz.

Top 3 pieces of advice you would give to other women?
Megan: Make time for yourself. Don’t make excuses for your own amazing powers.
Enjoy the process, not just the end result.

What books on your nightstand?
Megan: Bossypants by Tina Fey and Teaching People, Not Poses, by Jay Fields
Michelle: Built to Last, by Jim Collins, The Ramayana, by Ramesh Menon, The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle, and Teaching People Not Poses by Jay Fields. I am a voracious reader, it seems the books I am currently reading are development books but it swings to indulgent reading as well.

Proudest accomplishment?
Michelle: The amazing community that my partner Megan and I support at Moksha Yoga Danforth.

Your ride?  The rocket?  Bike?  Car?
Megan: Two feet and a heart beat (The Rocket is handy too).

If you could clear up on misconception about yoga, what would it be?
Megan: That you have to be flexible. Yoga is a practice, meaning that with practice you improve. Your primary focus may be attaining flexibility (or strength, balance, peace) so it is best to just get started at the beginning… and I am sure that there is a style and an appropriate level that will be perfect for you.
Michelle:  That you need to be flexible to do yoga. It is about creating balance: flexibility, strength, stability in mind and body.

As body blitz members, what is your favourite part of the water circuit and why?
Megan: The Hot Epsom Salt Pool because I coordinate my juice to arrive at that exact time. Total bliss!
Michelle: I like sharing the experience so I often bring a friend and love the pools because you can chat, steam and sauna are amazing and like them best when I come alone. Don’t love the cold plunge but do it anyways – love the benefits so it is worth it.

How do you do the water circuit at body blitz?
Megan: I have two different ways to “do” the circuit. If I am with a friend we tend to chill in the salt pool until my fingertips develop wrinkles. Mostly because it’s a perfect time to gab. Then we move through classic styles. If I am on my own, I do 3 long sessions in a row in the sauna… alternating between the cold plunge at the dry heat… it seems to melt away all tension.
Michelle: I tend to spend a lot of time at the beginning in the Dead Sea Salt pool, it is great to just decompress and chat. Usually do the whole circuit. I love being a member because I sometimes only have a short amount of time in my schedule and am able to pop in and get rejuvenated.

How has your health changed since using the body blitz therapeutic waters?
Michelle: I think having the membership has allowed me to create space for self-care that sometimes gets swallowed up by busy-ness – and I think that I am more effective at giving to the business and students when I take time for myself.

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