Monday, June 1, 2015

In the waters with Morgan Henderson

We sat down with Blitz Facial Bar Assistant Manager and skin expert Morgan Henderson and talked to her about blitz facial bar, our brand new skin care line and her favourite tips for summer…

What is your job?
Assistant Manager at Blitz Facial Bar.

What do you love about it?
I get to promote healthy skin and educate people on the benefits of facials and at home skincare.

Describe your perfect day.
Going for a run along the waterfront or through the park followed by breakfast on a patio. I would then spend the afternoon at the spa using the waters (they are great for lactic build up from all the running I do) and finish with a facial at Blitz Facial Bar (I try to get a good exfoliation once a week to keep my skin glowing).

Who is your role model or mentor?
Paluna Santamaria and Jenny McConnell, my trainers. This is super cheese but these ladies are my coaches and they have accomplished so much in their careers. They motivate and push me every day. I strive to be as accomplished as them. They also both are beautiful and have great skin as a bonus.

Three adjectives to describe yourself?
Hard-working, ambitious, easy going.

How do you unwind after a long day?
I go for a run. It’s something I love and it’s my time to socialize with friends, get a workout in and unwind after a long day.

If you had to leave your house with one beauty item, what would it be?
Tinted SPF. It the first thing I do in the morning and I don’t leave the house without it. UV rays are the number one cause of aging skin and I want to stay looking young as long as I can.

Tell us about blitz facial products?
Quality. There are minimal ingredients in them and the ingredients used are very beneficial to the skin. They are created to get you results quickly. All of the products are very hydrating without leaving your skin feeling greasy. As a runner, products that are light weight are important to me as well.

How often should you have a facial?
Depending on your home care regime and your skin care goals, anywhere from every three to six weeks. If you have a good skin care regime at home with good quality products, you don’t necessarily need to have one as much as someone who is using generic products or doing minimal things to their skin.

Any facial tips we can do at home?
Wash your face before going to bed. There is nothing worse than wearing make up all day and/or living in a city and going to sleep with all that buildup of pollutants, oil and dirt sitting on your skin.

What was the worst thing you ever did to your face?
Going outside without sunscreen. When I was younger I used to sunbath and never apply SPF. I would never dream of doing that now.

Now that summer is here, what seasonal tips do you have for our skin?
Get a facial. After the winter months of being in the cold and having heat blasted in your home, your skin is probably looking pretty dull. A facial that includes a good exfoliation will sloth off all the dead skin cells to reveal a bright, glowing complexion underneath. And remember to apply that SPF to protect that freshly exfoliated skin. You want to be bright and glowing, not red and burnt.

Must have products from our new facial line.
Exfoliating cleanser – I use a gentle exfoliate every day. I like the feeling of fresh clean skin every morning.
Radiance Serum – Vitamin C will help brighten the skin while reducing the signs of sun damage.
SPF 41 Tinted – I don’t know if I’ve stressed this enough but sunscreen is the most important step in any age prevention regime.

Number 1 question clients ask about skincare?
What can I do to make my skin look younger? (I think you all know my answer to this!)

What is the most common mistake people make about their skin?
Using the wrong products. Most people don’t know what they should be using for their skin type and concerns and just buy what they know from advertising. Everyone is different and that’s why it is best to get a facial and have your skin assessed by a professional who can give you the proper recommendations.

Blitz Facial Bar Leslieville now open, and Blitz Facial Bar Trinty-Bellwoods opening June 12th.

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