Monday, November 15, 2010

A Half Decade of Memories

In celebration of our 5th anniversary, we asked our staff to share some of the more memorable things they have seen and heard over the years. Here are some of their blitz stories ….

“One of the best memories I have from working at body blitz was a Saturday night when another team leader and I were overseeing the spa. We were in the back offices when one of our co-workers came to us saying that there were people in the pool singing and she didn’t know if it was okay and what we should do? We assumed it was probably a group of ladies who were enjoying their time a little too much and possibly bellowing out an out of tune version of “Happy Birthday.” Normally in these instances we ask our clients to tone it down for the respect of our other clients. As we approached the pool area we were brilliantly surprised. Just standing outside the door we could hear a group of women singing in perfect pitch, perfect harmony and in perfect time. It was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard in my life! When we opened the door we saw a group of about eight to ten women in the sea salt pool singing their hearts out. When we looked around at the rest of the clients, everyone was still and astounded by these amazing singers. Everyone applauded when the song was over. It was a night I’ll never forget.”
Julia Yano, RMT and Spa Therapist Team Leader

“We’ve had so many clients lose things here from shoes to car keys to underwear!! You name it, we’ve found it. You wouldn’t believe the pile of bikinis in our lost and found. But there is one story that sticks out and certainly made our staff giggle, and that was when a client lost her pants!! We searched everywhere for them. She must have left them on the bench when she arrived, because when she was getting ready to leave her pants weren’t in her locker. She was a guest at a nearby hotel, so we lent her a pair of yoga pants to wear back. It wasn’t until the end of the night when we discovered the missing pair. Another client thought the pants on the bench belonged to her friend so she grabbed them and put them in her locker. The pant-less client came back to get her beloved and most favorite pair of jeans. It was a very happy ending!”
Angela Guerin, Assistant Spa Director

“We have many members here at body blitz who come in multiple times a week to alleviate chronic conditions such as arthritis or simply to de-stress. Because they're here so frequently, the front desk staff gets to know them by name and they get to know us. One member in particular is quite a character - in a good way! She's always friendly and eager to hear about our lives. We know she has a preference for a particular locker, which we try to set aside for her whenever possible. Last Christmas, she brought each of us a plate of homemade cookies with our name on a little card. We know how busy her schedule is, and to know she took the time to prepare these personalized gifts really meant a lot to us.”
Lauren Fong, Client Service Representative team leader

“At body blitz we love that every women feels completely comfortable just as they are. Recently we made one of our treatment rooms available so that a group of wonderful Muslim women could take a break from their waters circuit and respect their call to prayer.”
Sara deRuiter, Spa Director

“Our greatest reward is when clients let me know that they feel like family when they enter body blitz. Also when clients are so blitzed they fall asleep, mouths wide open on the lounge chairs, then we know that we’ve really done our job well.”
Vivian Martinez, Spa Attendant

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