Thursday, October 4, 2012

Body Blitz East Countdown Contest Winners!

We have been overwhelmed by the amazing response to our countdown contest for the opening of our Body Blitz East location.  We thought we would share our favourite responses!

Contest Q #1 Winner is Jill Bentley, this was her answer to our question of who she loves to get blitzed with:
"My Grandmother all the way. She is over 85 and an inspiration to every person and woman I know. She had 8 kids that she raised on her own for long periods of time because my Grandpa was away during WWII. At her age she is healthy as a horse and has a zest for life that one rarely sees in younger people these days. She had knee replacement surgery because the old ones "were slowing her down". If anyone deserves a day of being pampered, it's her!"

Contest Q #2 Winner is Rivanna Stuhler and this is what she had to say about her most memorable experience at BB:
”My first visit: a complete and utter revelation. Having just moved back to Toronto I was miserable and despondent. A friend suggested a bit of Blitz, and suddenly life looked pretty great.”

Contest Q #3 Winner is Tara Sachs and this is what she had to say about her favourite treatment at body blitz:
"a million bucks wishes it felt like me after the Morrocan Spice Body Glow. So relaxed, super soft and smelling good."

Contest Q #4 Winner is Catherine Everett and this is what she had to say about what she celebrated with us at body blitz :
"Body Blitz has amazing powers you know...I was undergoing fertility treatments and, in order to keep positive about life and my body, I promised myself that if I got a negative test, I would treat myself to an aromatherapy massage and a good soak in the waters. In April, after a few neg. home tests and while waiting for the results from my clinic, I had one of those massages. Later that day I got a (faintly) positive test!! I'm now over 5 months pregnant with my first baby!! Thanks BB for helping me stay happy, healthy and relaxed!!"

Contest Q #5 Winner is Veronica Barton and this is what she had to say about what she left behind after getting blitzed :
"My bra in the change room. The massage was so relaxing that it completely wiped away my memory of what I wore to the spa. Luckily the staff asked if the bra was mine so it wasn't lost. Phew."

Contest Q #6 Winner is Amanda Higgins and this is what she had to say about her favorite thing about body blitz:
"My fav things are the staff... from the moment I step inside I feel the friendliness exuding from the always smiling front desk staff, to the greetings, and always present at the right moment of the staff around the facility and the amazing job they do keeping the place clean, to the therapists, and managers who remember me and enquire how I am doing... They are the best things because they all make the experience amazing and make me feel at home"

Contest Q #7 Winner is Barbara Eddy-Holloway and this is what she had to say about what she loves to do post-blitz:
"My favorite thing to do post Blitz is to go home to my three children feeling refreshed, renewed and able to be the mother I really want to be. Thank you Body Blitz for creating a place that lets me fully sink into being me." Congrats!

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