Monday, April 15, 2013

Winner of 'the worst date ever' contest ...

Many congratulations to Dennie Theodore for sharing her 'worst date ever' story with us and winning a 90 minute the works treatment at body blitz. We hope she will be able to scrub away the memory of this date!
Be warned, if you have a fear of clowns, do not read any further ...

"Honestly – many times the dating experience is, basically, awful and horrible. I have dated where it has worked out… a guy caught my eye and we would go on to a lovely relationship. But this is the story of how once I dated a guy who hadn’t caught my eye. I didn’t know what he looked like because I’d met him at a kid’s party. He was the clown my friend had hired to entertain the kids. Big baggy colourful suit and a red nose. Nice enough. Seemed intelligent as we stood by my friend’s sink talking about life. He asked me to meet him for lunch so I did.

It’s not worth the risk sometimes because… EEEUUUWWWWWWWwww! He simply wasn’t fit for female company.

He happily told me his mother’s dream was to see him “out of debt before she dies” (she’s 88). He was incredibly touchy feely throughout our first and only lunch, especially on my legs and basically all of me - though he called it “affectionate”. The entire date was a 45 minute grope. Because that is exactly how long I could stand it.

And the worst part is he looked better as a clown. I wanted him to go home and put on the suit. It would’ve been less embarrassing! He fell madly in love with me and still tries to call occasionally - usually at midnight. If you want to call me, ring twice, hang up and ring back. Or I might not answer the phone."

Dennie Theodore

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