Tuesday, April 2, 2013

sharing the blitz ~ teenagers

Toni, who worked at our head office, gave her daughter our face products to help with her acne. It worked wonders on her skin and her morale. So we decided to do a test on a few teenagers and here is what their mother’s had to say…. 

“When my daughter was 13 her skin changed and she would break out consistently with pimples, they were quite red and angry looking.  We tried other products, both drug store and aesthetician recommended, and they had no effect.  After a few days on the body blitz exfoliating face wash there was a noticeable difference.  She can still have the occasional breakout but for the most part her skin looks clear, clean and lovely.  She is almost 15 now and is a daily user of the face wash, toner and moisturizer.” Janet

“My son has battled severe acne since the onset of puberty, and no skincare system had brought relief. While antibiotics and creams prescribed by a dermatologist healed the acne, they had unwelcome side-effects such as headaches and dryness. In the end, my son preferred to live with the acne rather than endure these side-effects. Through a friend, he was introduced to body blitz skincare products at age 21. Within weeks his complexion was transformed – clear, healthy and glowing. A year later, he still has occasional stress-related breakouts, but overall his skin looks great! There is no doubt that healthy skin gives him added confidence in social, school and work environments.”  Timolin

“My daughter began a struggle with acne from about 10 years old.  It is a heartbreaking journey for a mother to travel with her daughter.  I watched my girl suffer through painful eruptions, over her entire torso and face, along with the emotional trauma associated with the problem.   We tried all of the well-known skin care systems widely advertised and commonly used, experienced endless trips to the dermatologist, multiple medications, skin peels, diet changes.  Nothing offered relief.  When my daughter saw my body blitz skin care products she began using them, mostly because she liked the scent.  Within moments the inflammation and pain she felt was relieved and within 2 weeks her facial acne was drastically reduced.  She began experimenting with it on the rest of her body and we were both amazed as we watched her acne virtually disappear with her continued use of the products.  Now, after 7 years of traveling the acne road, my daughter’s skin is clear and fresh.  Yes, she still has stress related eruptions (don’t we all?), but the body blitz product continues to address the pain/inflammation associated with these and her acne is at last conquered.  Now if only body blitz could develop a product that will address the eruption of clothes on the floor in her room!”  Toni

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