Monday, November 4, 2013

Parties at body blitz

We love having parties of all kinds at body blitz and have hosted many birthday parties and bridal parties. Here are some of the nice things women have said about us ...

"We had a really great time at body blitz on Saturday. It was my first time at the East location and I was very happy with the services. Thank you for arranging the bookings for the various treatments. They all started on time and based on the feedback from my friends, they all thoroughly enjoyed their treatments. I was really happy with your response time and your professional service. As someone who makes reservations on a frequent basis for work and extracurricular purposes, I can attest to your professionalism in the service industry. Thank you and the rest of your staff members for making my birthday so memorable."
Kelly Ku
, President, Rotaract Club of Toronto

"What an amazing experience!!  All the girls had a fabulous time - it was a 1st for everyone!!! Thanks again to you and your staff for making this a memorable experience for all of us and the bride.  I am definitely coming back to enjoy the waters again. Thanks again for the exceptional customer service!!"

Cristina Tonus

"It was absolutely amazing. Each one of us had a brilliant time, and we haven't a single complaint, however minor. The other three have been to many more spas than I have and I was so gratified (as the organizer) to hear them say that body blitz was one of the best spas they had experienced. It was some combination of the laid back vibe, the lay out, the friendliness, the juices, the therapies -- the way you make everyone feel comfortable and pampered without being exclusive or elite. We loved it.
Thank you for making me seem like such a genius!"

"We had a wonderful time and you were wonderful in putting it all together!  It was very well organized and the staff was wonderful and professional!  I am planning on organizing another one shortly for November!  Thank you again." 
Magdalena Lysenko

"My group and I had a fantastic time on Saturday. I had not been to your spa before and I really appreciated and liked that the staff took the time to give us a tour when we arrived. They answered all our questions. They were helpful and friendly. The whole experience from start (booking via email) to finish was wonderful!" 
Sara Faulkner

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