Monday, November 11, 2013

random acts of kindness stories

Congratulations to our ‘random act of kindness’ winner Donna.  We were overwhelmed with the number of moving and inspiring stories. You can read Donna's story below as well as some honorable mentions.

winner ... 

I have a woman in my life who I don't know well but she was my emergency intake worker over a number of weeks when I urgently needed housing and help when I found myself in a situation of having to flee my comfortable home to a place of safety. She provided me with guidance, compassion and urgent housing. I feel Rosa, the counsellor who helps abused women in crisis at Toronto's Barbra Schlifer Clinic (downtown) needs a free session at body blitz (or any of your services) as she's so busy helping women in distress that she probably doesn't have time to take a proper break to relax or pamper herself regularly. I'm guessing this via inference but I would be honored and thankful if she would get some kind of act of kindness from body blitz as she is a front worker on Toronto's hidden segment of the population: women and children escaping abusive home lives all over the city (from all walks of life).
Donna (I withheld my last name for privacy reasons)

honourable mentions …

Hi there.
 I would like to nominate my wife (Jennifer Capes) for your acts of kindness contest. My father became ill in July and was hospitalized. He passed away on September 1st. My dad was the primary caregiver for my mom, who suffered a series of strokes 20 years ago. She uses a wheelchair and requires 24-hour care. Since July, my wife has given up almost every weekend to help care for my mom. She has also helped support me and my family through a really difficult time. Her kindness to my mother and willingness to help, makes me so thankful. My wife loves body blitz (she says it's her favourite place) and I think she deserves a special visit. 
Thank you,
Jon Starchuk

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