Monday, August 2, 2010

Our favourite: balancing face toner

Our favourite: balancing face toner_________________August 1, 2010
We know our products are supposed to be like our children, we love them all the same. However during the hot summer months, we are partial to our balancing face toner. Our face toner was developed to help remove soap and residue from the skin after washing and before applying face moisturizer. However it’s also great to use as a revitalizing cooling mist on hot days or after exercise. You can even put it in the fridge, then spritz a little on a cotton pad and refresh your face. It helps remove the sweat and grime from your skin while keeping you pores clean and your skin well balanced. And for only $22 you can’t go wrong!

With provitamins, aloa vera, organic argan oil and an herbal extract of nettle, green tea, saw palmetto and red pepper helps reduce redness, flaking and calms the skin)

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