Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blitz Buzz

The press is raving about our eco-friendly face product line. Here is what they have to say …

Argan Oil Face Serum
"We love how it (the argan oil) literally melts into the skin and creates a hydrating barrier to combat the harshness of winter weather. The finish doesn't look oily either."

...the argan oil face serum packed a powerful and proactive skin-care punch. Easily absorbed, intensely moisturizing and grease-free - it's safe to say we're hooked." 

"The serum is my favourite of the line and not only does it feel good, it smells good too!" "

"...and the argan oil face serum has been my lifesaver this season. At the end of November I was in Mexico and arrived with my skin being whacked with a dry, bitter cold that showed evidence immediately with some lines and dry patches. A few weeks of this serum and my skin feels revived and ready to tackle the New Year." 

"What I loved about the African argan oil, is the fact that even though it is an 'oil' it was not too clingy to my hands after applying + absorbed quickly and my skin felt like it was wrapped in a warm blanket."

Revitalizing Face Moisturizer
“A beautiful face moisturizer.”

“As soon as I apply body blitz replenishing face moisturizer, my skin has a luminescence and radiance that I thought was available only to stars like Charlize Theron and Angelie Jolie.”

“Toronto’s body blitz water spa’s replenishing face moisturizer features the much-lauded Renovage™, anti-aging ingredient which increases the lifespan of cells, thereby reducing visible signs of aging.” Ensemble Vacations

Balancing Face Toner
"I like this toner. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth without feeling like it's taken away all the moisture. It smells fresh. It's restored my faith in toner."

Exfoliating Face Wash
"...and we’re now devoted to the exfoliating face wash, which sloughed off pore-clogging bacteria with its apricot seed powder."

"This is a very creamy and luxurious exfoliator that feels gorgeous on my skin. It smells fresh and the apricot seed kernel powder is extremely gentle yet gives the effective exfoliation."

Green Clay Face Mask
"Use a purifying mask rich in antioxidants or clay to zap impurities from your pores (body blitz green clay face mask)" HELLO! Canada

"This clay mask had an amazingly smooth and creamy texture, not in the least bit gritty or thick. It didn't feel heavy on and had a gentle scent. It was a treat to have on. Afterwards, my skin felt smooth, moisturized and clean and looked fresh."