Friday, March 1, 2013

Spa adventures

On our travels around the world sampling different kinds of spas, we have experienced all sorts of wonderful treatments but there have been a few unusual ones. We took the best from our experiences and created body blitz. The rest we left behind …

1. Whipped with oak leaves in a Russian Banya.
2. Pressure washed with a hose in Germany.
3. Thrown in snow from a sauna in Quebec. 
4. Scrubbed everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) on a stone slab in a Korean bathhouse.
5. Massaged by a nude woman in a shvitz while her large breasts slapped against our face.
6. Covered in oil and hair pulled (on the head and elsewhere) on a wooden table in India.
7. Getting a pedicure with flesh eating fish in South East Asia.
8. Massaged by a woman with hands like sandpaper, karate chopped in the neck, slapped by a towel, told the massage was over and to get off the table in a state owned spa in Eastern Europe.

Do you have any funny or bizarre spa experiences you would like to share?  If so, email, tweet or facebook us your story and we will choose a couple to highlight in our spa next month.

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